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The big dream? To be fully circular and climate-positive by 2030! Learn more about their efforts and future challenges:

Step by step towards a more beautiful world

Auping not only strives for a good night's sleep, but also for a positive impact on people and the planet! Auping puts countless efforts into making this sustainable dream a reality. Over the years, they have been rewarded for these efforts. One to cherish is undoubtedly the Sustainable Living Awards they received in 2022. The 100% circular Auping Elysium mattress took first place and was awarded as the'best sustainable product' of the year!

The sustainability vision and mission are deeply rooted in the DNA of Auping, and they leave no opportunity unused to implement further improvements and search for new technologies that contribute to reducing waste or reusing resources.

Some interesting facts:

  • The Auping factory operates entirely on wind energy.
  • Auping has its own mattress recycling program.
  • Old bedding can be returned, and Auping ensures proper processing and recycling.
  • Water and energy consumption are closely monitored, and continuous efforts are made to find areas of improvement.
  • Auping supports social initiatives, such as their collaboration with the Sheltersuit Foundation
  • They constantly conduct research to further optimize their product line in terms of sustainability and circularity.

Plans for the coming years

  • Replace all non-circular raw materials with circular ones. For example, MDF should be replaced with a cellulose-based alternative.
  • It is not straightforward to replace non-circular raw materials with circular ones in all products. This is the case, for example, with the Auping Auronde bed. Replacing the parts made of plywood with a circular alternative requires redesign or innovation of the bed.

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