Having your down duvet professionally cleaned? Here's how it works:

Cleaning your down duvet yourself is often quite a hassle, and besides, you run the risk of damaging or causing the down to clump together. That's why Nachtwacht collaborates with a professional cleaning service that takes on this task and treats your down with the utmost care. To ensure that your down duvet maintains its optimal performance, it is recommended to have it professionally cleaned and refilled every 5 years.

Why professional cleaning and refilling?

While we sleep, we lose an average of two deciliters of moisture. Over time, this moisture can cause the down clusters to stick together and lose their resilience.

This can lead to reduced heat insulation of your down duvet, resulting in cold spots. Also, visual signs such as yellow stains on the duvet cover can indicate that it's high time to have your down duvet professionally cleaned and possibly refilled.

In some cases, for instance due to poor maintenance or the age of the duvet, cleaning and refilling may not be sufficient, and purchasing a new duvet is necessary.

A clear indication of this is when the down feathers detach from the stem, resulting in a crumbled structure of the down. Read here for all the signals.

Process of cleaning:

Inspecting & Opening the Down Duvet:

During professional cleaning, your down duvet is thoroughly examined. The duvet cover, also known as the "tijk," is carefully opened to access the down filling.

Please Note! Only duvets with a baffle box construction can be refilled. Unfortunately, square patterns commonly used in summer duvets are not suitable for refilling.

Separate Cleaning of Down & Duvet Cover:

The down filling and the duvet cover are cleaned separately. The down undergoes a meticulous washing process to thoroughly disinfect and remove any impurities.

Bye-bye Dust and Dirt!

Reblowing Down into the Duvet Cover:

After cleaning, the down is reblown into the clean duvet cover. If necessary, your down duvet will be refilled with high-quality down to maintain its optimal quality.

Tip: Is your duvet too warm or too cold? Let's discuss! The cleaning process is the ideal moment, provided the duvet cover allows, to adjust the fill weight.

Closing & Packaging the Duvet Cover:

Once the down filling is perfectly placed back into the duvet cover, it is carefully closed. The duvet is then neatly packaged and ready to provide comfort for the years to come.

There you have it, ready for blissful and, above all, healthy nights!

Professional cleaning at the Nachtwacht:

Bring your down duvet to us for professional cleaning, but please be aware that you'll need to be without your duvet for approximately 2 weeks.

It's ideal to schedule this when you're away on a trip or during a change of seasons! If you wish to have your duvet refilled, keep in mind that cleaning must be added as a service. This is to ensure hygienic considerations and achieve optimal results.

Pillows that are less than 3 years old are also suitable for professional cleaning. If they are older, the down is often in poor condition, and purchasing a new pillow is a better and more cost-effective option.

By the way, did you know that it's recommended to replace your head pillow every 3-4 years? Read more about it here.

More questions?

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