How should I wash and dry my pillow?

How to wash your pillow

Many people regularly put their pillowcase or pillow protector in the washing machine, but your pillow should also be washed regularly. An unwashed pillow is full of dead skin cells, fungi, house dust mite and even house dust mite excrement. making it a breeding ground for bacteria!

There are many different types of pillows, each of which needs to be washed in a different way. Some pillows can be washed in the washing machine without any problem, others absolutely not. We’ve created an overview for you:

Please note that it’s difficult to get a stained pillow white and completely clean again. Always use a molton pillowcase or pillow protector to prevent staining.

Synthetic pillows: machine-washable

Synthetic pillows are the easiest to wash. Therefore, they are often used by people who suffer from allergies or parents with young children. A synthetic pillow is machine-washable. Check your pillow's label to see how at which temperature it can be washed or ask one of our experts. Once washed, you can put a synthetic pillow in the dryer. 

At De Nachtwacht, you will find various types of synthetic pillows in our range. Choose from a synthetic pillow by Auping or Brinkhaus, for example, which can even be washed at up to 90° C!

Down pillows: machine-washable

A down pillow can also be washed, but make sure that it has dried properly before using it again. Always read the label carefully or contact us if you have any doubts. Of course you want your pillow to be cosy and fluffy after washing. We suggest you put your down pillow in the dryer after washing to ensure that the feathers and down can dry well and retain their volume. We strongly advise against drying a down pillow in the sun!

Tip: protect your down cushion well with a molton pillowcase so that you do not have to wash it more than necessary. The down and feathers tend to get damaged when washed repeatedly in the washing machine. 

Tip: a second tip we like to give our customers is to dry down pillows with a few tennis balls in the dryer, as these help to get everything loose and airy again.

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Latex, Geltex, memory foam or other foam pillows: never in the washing machine

Latex pillows cannot be washed. The latex core cannot withstand water and would crumble when washed. So do not put a latex pillow in the washing machine. The same applies to Geltex pillows. Memory foam or visco pillows cannot be washed in the washing machine either.

All the memory foam, Geltex and latex pillows that we offer in our shop are always provided with a washable cover.

Questions? Don't hesitate to visit our showroom or contact us online, we will be happy to help you.