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Magnitude, a luxury bed of your choice

Magnitude is a unique bed concept that allows you to create your highly customised luxury bed. You choose the different elements and determine the overall look. From classic to design, from baroque to minimalist, from sober to bold. Magnitude combines ergonomics with aesthetics.

Master boxspring upholsterers 

The craftsmanship of the hand-made Magnitude box springs has been passed on, cherished and refined from generation to generation since 1930. We have been working together with the Belgian box spring brand Magnitude since the establishment of De Nachtwacht. Not only are they masters in upholstering box springs, they also upholster your bedside tables, sofa beds and even ottomans. You decide the shape and dimensions of the headboard and choose the fabrics, even your own fabric if you like. Magnitude is a 100% Flemish business, with production sites in Harelbeke and Maldegem. Upholstering is done with a passion for pure craftsmanship and endless attention to detail.

Why choose Magnitude?

  • Highly customised luxury bed: choose the look you want.
  • Craftsmanship since 1930 in the Belgian town of Harelbeke
  • Choose a mattress with high-quality materials entirely in line with your requirements
  • Very good value for money
  • Price for box spring and mattress 180x200 cm: starting from 3,625 euro (catalogue price)

Tailored advice

Buying a mattress, bed, pillow or bedlinen is more than just a decision, it is an experience. And we can help you every step of the way. After all, we know better than anyone what you need for an optimal night's sleep. We are happy to advise you! Visit our store in Kortrijk where our Nachtwacht team is ready to answer all your questions!

Enjoy a unique sleep experience with Magnitude

Magnitude's bed concept is the opposite of large-scale mass production. The strength of the brand lies in the creation of stylish and durable sleep comfort. With Magnitude you choose the perfect support, with a wide range of comfort levels (from very firm to very soft). The mattresses are finished with high-quality materials, such as Talalay latex and hardened pocket springs.

Magnitude accessories

The decorative plaids, cushions & bedspreads are also made entirely according to your wishes. Discover a complete and luxurious bedding range with both classic and modern touches.

Test your Magnitude at Het Testnest 

Choosing a good bed - the right bed for you - is quite an important decision. So it’s always better to sleep on it. Quite literally... At De Nachtwacht’s ‘Het Test Nest’, for example, a fully-equipped loft-style studio where you can spend a night on the mattress of your dreams. You pay a small fee, which is refunded when you buy your bed. 

Keen to try it out? Het Testnest is waiting for you...