The Magnitude website has a new look!

After the launch of the new campaign image, the website naturally couldn't be left behind. The revamped Magnitude website is now online and takes you on an enchanting journey through the night. Curious?

De magie van de nacht centraal

Magnitude showcases captivating images reflecting local craftsmanship and a passion for ultimate sleep comfort on their new website.

Furthermore, the new interface makes it even easier for customers to explore different bed combinations and accessories. What's even better is the ability to save your favorite looks on a personal "dream board." This way, you can bring a piece of your bedroom dream to life right from your home.

Ready to awaken with an abundance of new ideas and inspiration? Take a look at the brand-new Magnitude website and let yourself be carried through the night because "The night is yours"!

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Feel free to bring along your "dream board" during your visit; we would be happy to go through all the options with you.