What does momme mean in silk?

It may or may not ring a bell, but ‘momme’ is an important factor to consider when choosing your silk pillowcase or duvet cover.

Momme - abbreviated to mm - is a Japanese unit of measurement that indicates the weight per square metre of silk, and therefore refers to the quality of the silk. You could compare it to ‘TC’ or thread count for cotton.

Why should you take into account momme when choosing silk bedding?

As mentioned above, the amount of momme will tell you something about the quality of your silk pillowcase or duvet cover:

  • The higher the momme, the more durable the silk and the more suitable for regular use
  • The higher the momme, the fresher the silk will remain to the touch at high temperatures (22 and 25 mm is ideal)
  • The higher the momme, the more silk threads were used and the softer, smoother and more luxurious the silk will feel
  • The higher the momme, the more supple the silk and the more beautiful the silk bedding will look on your bed

Looking for silk bedding? Then make sure it has a minimum momme of 19. 19 momme indicates silk bedding of good quality. A lower momme - 12 or 16 for example - is actually too thin for bedding and therefore has a much shorter lifespan. 22-momme silk and up (which is equivalent to approximately 100 g/m2) is top-quality silk, which offers you the full benefits of silk.

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Our silk brands Emperior Silk and Mikmax only offer 22-momme silk. Do you have any questions about our silk pillowcases and duvet covers? Contact us! One of our experts will be happy to help you!