Which pillow filling should I choose?

Each pillow filling has pros and cons

There’s no such thing as ‘the best pillow’. Choosing a pillow is a very personal decision. Apart from your sleep position, other factors play a role in this choice. The filling of your pillow has a great impact on your sleep experience. When choosing a pillow filling, take the following into account:

  • any allergies you may have
  • the desired temperature
  • personal preferences

There are different types of fillings for pillows and each type of filling has its advantages and disadvantages. Read on below to find out which pillow filling is best for you:

1. Down or feather pillows

A down pillow feels very cosy and light. That is why this filling is very popular. A down pillow is also really cuddly, so you can decide for yourself how you shape it. However, the disadvantage of pillows with a down filling is that they lose their volume a little faster and will not provide sufficient support after a while.

Feathers provide more support and volume than down. This is why feathers are often added to down cushions. The ratio of feathers to down will determine the lifespan, hardness and quality of your pillow.

2. Synthetic pillows

A synthetic pillow is ideal if you suffer from allergies or you want to wash your pillow regularly. In addition, a pillow with synthetic filling is a bit more budget-friendly than a down pillow. The disadvantage is that synthetic pillows have a shorter lifespan than pillows with a down filling.

Auping's synthetic refillable pillows can be washed at 40 °C. They are filled with polyester and microfibres, and can easily be refilled when the pillows have lost their volume. Some of the Brinkhaus synthetic pillows in our range can even be washed at up to 90 °C.

3. Latex pillows

Latex pillows are highly ventilating, feel dry all night and are flexible and resilient by nature. These pillows offer good support and are therefore also very suitable for people with neck problems. Our pillows with a latex filling have an ergonomic shape and retain this shape for a very long time. The disadvantage of this filling is that it cannot be washed, which is why we recommend you to also buy a good molton pillowcase to protect your latex pillow. All the latex pillows in our range also have a removable cover that is easy to wash. Find out how to wash your pillow here.

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5. Memory foam pillows

A memory foam pillow by Tempur relieves pressure on your head and neck. Memory foam pillow filling offers good support and is therefore very suitable for people with neck problems. The memory foam cushions by Tempur come in different shapes and heights.

Memory foam is a visco-elastic pillow filling that is softened by heat. After compression, it slowly returns to its original shape. The great advantage of memory foam is that it shapes itself to the contours of the body, so that the weight is well distributed over the contact surface.

The disadvantage of these pillows is that they do not offer the cosy feeling of down or feather pillows. These pillows can also feel relatively warm and are therefore less suitable for people who sweat a lot. Once again, a memory foam cushion cannot be washed, so it is best to also buy a good molton pillowcase.


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