4 solutions for the annoying seam between two mattresses

The annoying seam between two mattresses

One of the biggest frustrations? The seam between two separate mattresses. It's impossible to snuggle up with your partner, because before you know it the mattresses slide apart and you sink into that annoying seam. Below you will find a few solutions to allow you to sleep wherever you want on your bed.

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1. Pont d'amour or mattress wedge

The quickest and cheapest solution to eliminate the seam between two mattresses is a mattress wedge, which the French call pont d'amour - love bridge. It is also known as a bridge connector or a mattress gap filler. It is a kind of T-shaped attachment that you place between the two separate mattresses to fill the space between them. That allows you to make one large mattress out of two separate mattresses. The wedge stays in place, so you can sleep wherever you want on the bed.

Discover the wedge by Magnitude in our shop: a T-shaped foam wedge with a clamp, covered with an anti-allergy Oxygène mattress cover on the top.

Important note: do you have an electrically or manually adjustable bed? Do the two mattresses really slide open? In these cases a wedge is not suitable for you. Below you will find some alternative options.

2. A mattress topper or a split topper

mattress topper offers a soft and simple solution for the seam between two mattresses. You create the feeling of a double bed, without giving up on your individual comfort. A mattress topper is especially suitable for people who like to sleep on a soft mattress, so if you prefer a firm mattress or if you quickly get too hot, this may not be the right solution for you. With a mattress topper you create a first soft, cosy impression without losing the support of your mattress. The thicker the mattress topper, the less you will feel the seam, but the warmer and softer you will sleep.

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Do you have an electrically adjustable bed, but do you dream of a mattress topper to get rid of that annoying seam? Then a split topper is just what you need.

The split in this mattress topper ensures that you can easily move one half up without the mattress shifting. Very handy when your partner still wants to read, but you just want to sleep, for example.

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3. One large mattress with two different hardness levels

In many cases, the previous two solutions remain a ‘patch-up’ for people already owned two separate mattresses and dislike the seam in the middle. But are your mattresses in need of replacement? Then it is better to think about this in advance or to discuss it with our experts at De Nachtwacht. This way, you will avoid future issues.

Most of our brands give you the option of combining different hardness levels in one large mattress. Does your partner sleep better on a hard mattress, while you prefer to sleep on a soft mattress? Then this does not necessarily mean that you have to choose two separate mattresses. It is perfectly possible to combine two different cores into one large mattress. And no more annoying seam in the middle! All you have to do is let us know who sleeps on which side.

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4. Two separate mattresses with a zip

Opting for the luxurious mattresses by VispringFylds’MagnitudeSchramm or Swissflex? Then you have the option of finishing your two single mattresses with side zips. In this way, you can easily zip the mattresses together and get rid of that annoying seam between the two.

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Tip: if you prefer two separate mattresses - because you have an adjustable bed, for example - pay attention to the shape of the mattress. If you want to feel the seam less, you should opt for a 'square mattress' (usually finished with piping). Rounded mattresses (usually with a zip at half the height of the mattress) create a less seamless sleeping surface.


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