Which box spring is better: Vispring or Hästens?

When it comes to box springs, Hästens and Vispring are the two absolute top brands. We are very proud to be one of the few shops that are authorised to distribute both brands. But which brand is the best, Vispring or Hästens? This is a question we are regularly asked, and rightly so. That is why we decided to make a comprehensive and objective comparison between the two brands. Finding information online about which brand would suit you best is a good start, but be sure to visit the showroom to experience the feel of each brand and decide for yourself which bed is most comfortable for you!

About Vispring

In 1899 the wife of the English engineer James Marshall became ill. He made her a mattress using natural materials, entirely by hand, thus treating her to a better night's sleep. So the story of Vispring began with a gift of a man to his beloved wife. Marshall designed the first mattress with loose pocket springs, marking the beginning of unprecedented comfort and luxury. At that time, springs were already used in sofas and chairs, but they had never been used in the form of pocket springs in a mattress.

In 1901, the Marshall Sanitary Mattress Company finally opened its doors in London. Ten years later, the name changed to VI-spring. The Roman numeral VI refers to the spring with 6 coils that were used in the mattresses at that time. From 1911 onwards, Vispring started supplying mattresses to various luxury ships, including the Titanic.

Today Vispring has grown into an international top brand, with beds that are still made with respect for traditional craftsmanship, entirely by hand and using only natural materials. 

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About Hästens

Just like Vispring, Hästens too has a fascinating history. The story of Hästens begins with Pehr Adolf Janson, a Swedish young man with great ambitions: to become a master saddler. In 1852, at the age of 22, Pehr Adolf received his certificate of master saddler from the King of Sweden. In 1885, his son, Per Thure, took over the saddlery and continued the family's master traditions. However, the production of cars pushed down the demand for saddles.

Per Thure quickly adapted to the changing times and decided to focus on cushions, seats and horsetail hair mattresses. In addition to saddles and harnesses, the saddler also made the most beautiful mattresses and leather goods from horsehair. The brand’s logo is a horse, not only a nod to the horsetail hair used in the mattresses, but also a tribute to the origins of Hästens as a saddlery.

Hästens' iconic chequered pattern dates back to 1978. Jack Ryde, the father of the current owner of Hästens, was the one who introduced the blue checks, and he was instantly criticised for it. The blue and white checks were completely different from the orange, brown and green trend colours of the time. Now, more than 40 years later, the Hästens checks still adorn every bed that leaves the Köping workshop, symbolising the dedication, craftsmanship and quality of the brand.

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What do Vispring and Hästens have in common?

Both brands distinguish themselves by the use of the best natural materials. In this way they create an incredibly comfortable experience, a perfect climate and a long lifespan, free of synthetic and potentially harmful substances.

What are the differences between Vispring and Hästens?


  • English
  • Also available without a topper
  • Firmer: you feel more like you are ‘on’ the bed
  • Every mattress contains wool, and depending on the type of mattress, also cotton, cashmere, silk and/or horsetail hair.
  • Wide selection of fabrics
  • Style: classic, elegant, timeless
  • Famous fans: Lady Diana, Sarkozy, George Clooney, …



  • Swedish
  • Always combined with a topper
  • Softer: a ‘cosier feel’, feels more like you are ‘in’ the bed
  • Each type of mattress contains wool, cotton and horsetail hair
  • Available in different colours, but always with the iconic checks
  • Style: hip, young, Scandinavian
  • Famous fans: Beyoncé & Jay-Z, Ibrahimovic, Drake, …

Choosing a new bed still strongly depends on your personal preference. We are happy to help you in your search for your dream bed. Still have questions? Feel free to drop by our showroom in Kortrijk, or contact us!