How often should I replace my pillow?

The lifespan of a pillow

How often you need to change your pillow depends on the type of pillow you sleep on. Generally, a pillow has a lifespan of 2 to 3 years. The lifespan of a pillow is much shorter than that of a duvet, for example, because you lie with your head on the pillow every night, so it needs to support more weight - about 7 kg on average. For hygiene reasons, we recommend that you replace your pillow at least every 3 years.

Do you want to keep your pillow clean and better protected for longer? Then definitely use a good molton pillow protector. Find out how to wash your pillow here.

Creepy fun fact: after 2 years of sleep, 10%(!) of your pillow is filled with dead skin cells. Combined with heat, this is the ideal environment for house dust mite.

How do I know whether my pillow needs replacing?

So how do you know when your pillow needs replacing? Here are a few indicators: 

  • Its volume has greatly reduced
  • Your pillow no longer offers enough support
  • You are having neck and/or back problems

Tip: still in doubt? Lay your pillow flat on your hand. Does it sag? Then it’s worn and it needs to be replaced. Or fold the pillow in half and place a shoe on top of it. Normally the shoe should not stay in place.

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The lifespan of your pillow depends on the filling

down pillow is still the most popular choice, and that is no surprise, because nothing compares to the cosiness and softness it offers. Our softest down cushions, for example, only contain 10% feathers and 90% down, which makes them very cosy to sleep on. The disadvantage of these cushions is that unfortunately they lose their volume and you need to replace them every two years.

Tip: try to shake up your down pillow every day and air it regularly to keep it in optimal condition.

The ratio of feathers to down also determines the hardness and lifespan of your pillow. A down pillow with more feathers is a little firmer and you will not have to replace it equally quickly. The disadvantage is that it will be a little less cosy.

Generally, a synthetic pillow needs to be replaced more quickly than a down pillow. Latex and memory foam pillows or pillows made of other types of foam last a little longer. 

Click here to find out more about the different types of pillow fillings and discover which one is best for you!


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