The unique properties of linen

The advantages of a linen duvet cover

Linen has made a strong comeback and is back in fashion. At De Nachtwacht we have a wide range of linen covers by Verilin. A linen duvet cover not only gives a boost to your bedroom interior, it also has plenty of other advantages! Discover why sleeping under a linen duvet cover is good for you:

Waarom is linnen een must-have voor jouw slaapkamer?

1. A linen duvet cover feels cool in summer and warm in winter

Linen is a very fine and comfortable fabric to sleep in. One of its most interesting properties is its ability to regulate heat. For many, the fabric is instantly reminiscent of summer, and rightly so, because linen breathes and even makes the air between you and the fabric feel fresher and cooler than the air around you. It also absorbs moisture very well and easily releases it back into the air, keeping your duvet cover feeling dry and fresh.

But linen is also very pleasant in winter, when the fabric retains heat. So you can enjoy your linen all year round!

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2. There's no need to iron your linen duvet cover!

A linen duvet cover is highly recommended if you love a bed with a casual chic look. There’s no need to iron linen, which makes it very easy to care for. Unironed linen truly does justice to the fabric’s natural look. A style loved by many! 

At De Nachtwacht we now also offer the new Free crunched linen collection by Verilin: 100% linen that was given a crunch treatment after weaving. As a result of this treatment, a slight wrinkle - or 'crunch' - remains in the fabric permanently, even after washing.

3. A linen duvet cover becomes even more beautiful as you use it

Linen is a fabric made from the flax plant and is three times as strong as cotton. Your linen duvet cover will therefore last three times longer than a cotton one. Linen products also become more beautiful and softer with every wash, provided that you follow the washing instructions, of course. If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to contact us!

4. A linen duvet cover is more environmentally-friendly than a cotton one

A linen duvet cover is not only a sustainable choice, but also an environmentally-friendly one. For example, the production process of linen uses much less water and fewer toxic substances.

The pure Belgian bed linen by Verilin offers you a combination of comfort and luxury. It looks both classy and natural. Don’t hesitate to stop by and discover Verilin's linen duvet covers at our showroom or contact us for more information.

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