A duvet made of Alpaca wool, durable and hypoallergenic!

Alpaca duvets are on the rise...and rightfully so! These natural fiber duvets are eco-friendly, sustainable and have many benefits! Looking for a comfortable and sustainable sleeping experience? Read more about the many benefits of Alpaca wool.

Optimal sleeping comfort, in a responsible way!

The process of harvesting alpaca wool is very animal-friendly. After wearing their soft and warm coat for a year, in the spring/summer it's time for the alpacas to shed their winter coat. The alpacas are hand-shorn and once finished, they can go back to the pasture! The wool is then washed with mild soap without the use of chemicals and sorted by color. Then it's time to spin it into yarn, after which these soft fibers are given a second life in various textile applications, such as duvets

Extra soft & always the right temperature

Alpacas originate from South America, specifically from the Andes region. Thanks to the extreme temperature fluctuations and harsh weather conditions they face, the fibers of the alpaca coat are able to adapt to every season. In addition to these thermoregulatory qualities, an Alpaca duvet offers many other benefits. Let's list them for you:

De vele voordelen van Alpaca wol

1. Environmentally friendly

Alpacas are ruminants and their fibers are therefore biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Additionally, alpacas require less water and food than other animals such as sheep, making their impact on the environment smaller.

2. Sustainable

A natural fiber duvet made from Alpaca wool lasts longer than most other natural fiber duvets. Alpaca fibers have a higher tensile strength than sheep's wool, making them less prone to wear and tear.

3. Hypoallergenic

Alpaca duvets are hypoallergenic because Alpaca fibers do not contain lanolin or other lipids. As a result, these duvets are ideal for people with allergies, sensitive skin, or asthma. The hollow fibers of Alpaca wool also provide optimal ventilation and absorb body moisture without retaining it, keeping the duvet dry and less likely to attract dust mites.

4. Thermoregulating

The unique and open structure of Alpaca wool provides natural temperature regulation. It keeps you warm in the winter and breathable and cool in the summer

The alpaca wool duvets from MyAlpaca are fully handmade using traditional methods. The special stitching technique ensures an even distribution of wool, preventing cold spots even after frequent use. The extra soft cotton satin used for finishing the duvets adds a luxurious touch and a natural shine, making them so beautiful that you almost don't want to cover them with a duvet cover!

Do you have any questions or would you like to experience sleeping under an alpaca wool duvet? Visit our showroom or make an appointment with one of our Sleep Guardians for personalized advice