What are the advantages of a mattress with horsetail hair?

Horsetail hair has been used for centuries as a filling in the production of beds. And rightly so, because it has some fantastic properties. Below you will discover five advantages of a mattress with horsetail hair:

1. Resilience

Each curly horsetail hair works like a small spring, so think of it as two million extra springs that have been added to your bed. The fibres of the horsetail hair return to their original shape after they have been compressed, so the mattress too takes on its original shape after you get out of bed.

2. Ventilation and dry sleeping comfort

Horsetail hair provides optimal ventilation. All these small springs also function as a kind of hollow tubes that drain moisture and let in fresh air. Horsetail hair allows you to sleep in a dry and comfortable bed, which prevents the growth of bacteria, fungi and dust mite.

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3. No temperature fluctuations

A mattress with horsetail hair maintains an even temperature. All excess heat and moisture from your body is drained during your sleep. As such, horsetail hair gets rid of excessive perspiration and chills. You therefore enjoy a deeper sleep and wake up feeling fresh and well-rested in the morning.

4. Natural and sustainable

Both De Nachtwacht and our suppliers attach great importance to the use of natural and sustainable products. The entire process of washing, heating and disinfecting horsehair is therefore completed without the addition of any foreign substances. In addition, the fibres in the horsehair do not break or lose their natural flexibility, making it a durable product.

5. Suitable for allergies

The horsehair in the mattresses we offer is thoroughly washed clean, steamed and completely free of allergens. Therefore, people who suffer from allergies can also enjoy a mattress with horsetail hair. Hästens, for example, carried out very extensive testing to ensure that even people with a horse allergy can enjoy a good night's sleep without any problems.

Not convinced yet? Don’t hesitate to stop by the shop, where you can hold the treated horsehair for yourself and see if you notice any effects.

Hästens and Vispring

The two best-known brands that work with horsetail hair are Hästens, a purveyor to the Swedish royal court, and the English Vispring. Our range includes both top brands, so feel free to drop by and test them out! Of course you can also contact us online.