8 staycation tips for your bedroom: creating a chic hotel atmosphere

Are you planning a staycation in Belgium this summer? You’re definitely not alone. Especially for those staying at home, we have made a list of handy tips to help you create a chic hotel atmosphere in your bedroom and completely unwind during these bizarre times. After applying our tips, all you have to do is ask yourself one question: who’s in charge of room service?

1. The importance of a good mattress

Let’s start with the most important thing: a good mattress. It may seem obvious, but a quality mattress is really the first step towards that ultimate feeling of luxury. Do you often sleep better at a hotel than at home? The holiday atmosphere definitely has something to do with it, but don't underestimate the importance of a good mattress if you want to enjoy that hotel feel at home....

2. Opt for quality bedding

The hotel feel doesn't stop with a good mattress, the bedding too plays an important role. Choose bedding made from quality materials: linen (read more about the advantages of linen here!), cotton sateen, Egyptian cotton... Struggling to choose? Don’t hesitate to ask for our advice at the shop.  

If you really want to recreate that hotel feel completely, go for white sheets or a white duvet cover. White bedding always looks very clean and crisp, especially in summer.

Would you rather have some colour in the bedroom? Duvet covers in deep, rich colours give your bedroom a luxurious feeling. The duvet covers from Hästens' Satin Pure collection will really make you feel like you're in a fancy hotel.

Makani Cotton Satin Slabbinck 2024

Photo: cotton satin bed linen by Mirabel Slabbinck

3. Go for a nice finish

It's all in the details: finish your bed down to the smallest detail. Add some decorative cushions, for example, or a bedspread for that final touch. Drape a plaid over the foot end of the bed for a nonchalant chic look and use the same colours that you used on the bedroom walls or in the bedroom decoration for the finishing of your bed. By working with the same colour palette, you will turn the bedroom into one beautifully harmonious whole.

Tip: combine several pillows and cushions in different sizes and colour shades. For example, place two rectangular pillows in front of two square pillows and finish off the look with a small decorative pillow in the middle. 

Not quite sure which colours or designs will fit in the room? Feel free to bring a photo of your bedroom with you when you visit us. Our experts will be happy to advise you. Would you prefer the styling to be done at your house? No problem, that too is an option!

Slabbinck Col2022 Abadi Green Cotton Satin

Photo: cotton satin bed linen by Mirabel Slabbinck

4. A headboard completes the bed

The perfect finishing touch to your bed? A stylish headboard. A headboard instantly creates a luxurious look and makes sitting in bed a lot more comfortable. The various brands at our shop offer a wide choice of beautiful headboards in a wide variety of styles and designs: baroque, modern and sleek, lacquered, upholstered, wood, ...

5. Go for a high box spring bed

Not only your headboard, but also the height of your bed contributes to that typical hotel feel. A high box spring instantly gives the bedroom a luxurious look. It also makes it easier for you to get in and out of bed, which is an important advantage if you have back problems or if you are getting older.

Thanks to its generous feel, a box spring is often referred to as a 'hotel bed', so for many people, a quality box spring is the ultimate in sleeping comfort. Add a mattress topper - the cherry on the cake!

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Photo: Hästens boxspring

6. Matching bath linen

Add a fun touch by matching your bedding with your bath linen. In addition to its collection of bedding, Mirabel Slabbinck also offers wonderfully soft bath textiles, even with embroidery that matches your bedding.

Bath Textiles Slabbinck Collection

7. Bedside tables

Two identical bedside tables next to the bed create a beautiful symmetry. They are stylish, practical and provide extra storage space. Check out Auping's colourful Pixel bedside tables in our Auping Store

8. Clean and tidy

When you think holidays, you think rest and relaxation... A peaceful living and sleeping space also gives you peace of mind. Make sure that your bedroom is a room where you can completely relax. Create enough storage space, change the sheets regularly and make your bed every morning.

Tip: when you make your bed, remove creases from your bedding by spraying on some water with a syringe! Pull the sheets tight and you’re done! You will notice that most creases have disappeared from your sheets.


Do you still have questions or do you need extra advice? Contact us! Our experts will be happy to help! 

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