Which duvet size do I need?

You have finally chosen your new bed or mattress, but what duvet size do you actually need? When choosing your duvet size you have to take into account the size of your bed and mattress. Of course you want to make sure that you and your partner are both covered properly and that the duvet hangs nicely over the mattress on both sides. Explore our short overview below to get a better idea fo your ideal duvet size!

Duvet for a single mattress

Is your mattress size:

  • 70x200, 70x210 or 70x220 cm
  • 80x200, 80x210 or 80x220 cm
  • 90x200, 90x210 or 90x220 cm

Then you need the following duvet size:

  • 140x200 or 140x220 cm

A duvet of 140x200 cm is an option, but we do not recommend it as there is a good chance that your feet will not be completely covered if you toss and turn.

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Duvet for a queen mattress

Is your mattress size:

  • 120x200, 120x210 or 120x220 cm

Then you need the following duvet size:

  • 160x220 cm (available upon order)


Is your mattress size:

  • 140x200, 140x210 or 140x220 cm

Then you need the following duvet size:

  • 200x200 or 200x220 cm (available upon order)

Duvet for a double mattress

Is your mattress size:

  • 160x200, 160x210 or 160x220 cm

Then you need the following duvet size:

  • 240x220 cm


Is your mattress size:

  • 180x200, 180x210 or 180x220 cm

Then you need the following duvet size:

  • 240x220 or 260x220 cm

Do you sleep on a high box spring with a width of 180 cm or in a slightly lower bed with a width of 180 cm? The thickness of your mattress also plays a role. Depending on this, it is best to choose a duvet with a width of 240 cm or 260 cm. Still in doubt? Ask our experts for advice. They will be happy to help!


Is your mattress size:

  • 200x200, 200x210 or 200x220 cm

Then you need the following duvet size:

  • 260x220 of 260x240 or 280x240 cm

For a mattress with a width of 200 cm, the standard duvet size is 260x220 cm. If your bed is 210 cm or 220 cm long, you should consider a 260x240 cm duvet. Do you want an extra large duvet or do you have a very thick mattress? Then you can always opt for a duvet of 280x240 cm.

Tip: did you choose a down duvet, but is it a little larger than the duvet covers you already have at home? No worries, a 100% down duvet adapts nicely. For example, if you put a down duvet measuring 260x220 cm into a duvet cover measuring 240x220 cm, it will just look a little bulkier. So you can continue to use your favourite duvet covers!

Two separate duvets

Do you share a bed? You can also choose to sleep under two separate (single) duvets, so you don't have to argue about who’s pulling the duvet and you both keep warm under your own duvet. Or maybe one of you gets too hot very quickly and the other always feels cold? In that case too, two separate duvets are an ideal solution.

Custom duvets

Haven't found your duvet size yet? No problem, contact us or feel free to visit our shop, and we will look for a custom duvet together.

We offer wide choice of duvets by Auping and Brinkhaus, filled with goose down, cashmere, wool, camel hair, polyester and even the exclusive Eider down.