Which pillow should I choose for my child?

From what age do children need a pillow? And what should I pay attention to when choosing a pillow for my child? These are questions we regularly receive from young parents. Discover our advice below!

From what age does my child need a pillow?

We recommend a pillow only for children from the age of 2 or 3 upwards. Younger children don’t need a lot of head support when sleeping. Moreover, a pillow is not safe at that young age, due to the risk of suffocation. Do you notice that your child regularly puts the blanket, an arm or a cuddly toy under his or her head? Then it's time to look for your child's first pillow.

Machine-washable pillow

We always advise parents of young children to choose a machine-washable pillow. At this young age, accidents can happen very quickly and you will be happy to be able to put the pillow in the washing machine straight away. 

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Refillable pillows by Auping

It is important that you don’t pass on your own pillow to your child! An adult pillow is too high for a child's head and will push it up too much. So, when looking for the best pillow for your child, it is important that you choose a low pillow.

For children, we usually recommend the synthetic, refillable pillows by Auping. These pillows are filled with microfibres and are therefore ideal for people who like to wash their pillow regularly. You can put the entire pillow in the washing machine without having to zip the cover off. The cover of these Auping pillows consists of 50% organic cotton and 50% bamboo. That’s why the pillow feels wonderfully soft and has good moisture regulation. Bamboo also has an antibacterial effect

You can also adjust the volume yourself afterwards if you notice that your child is starting to need more support. So this pillow grows with your child and moulds easily to the head shape.

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