Which mattress should I put on my box spring?

What is a boxspring?

As the name suggests, box spring literally means 'box with springs'. It refers to the upholstered base of the bed, which is made of a frame with springs. Sleeping on a box spring offers several advantages. However, it is important that you choose the right mattress for your box spring. We always recommend a pocket spring mattress to our customers.

Pocket spring mattress

The box spring bed is topped with the pocket spring mattress (the springs should preferably be covered with natural and elastic materials). Pocket springs are individually packaged metal springs that can move independently of each other and thus provide optimal support to your body.

A box spring combination is therefore in fact a dual-mattress system of springs upon springs, a pocket spring mattress on an upholstered frame with springs. Conversely, a pocket-spring mattress also looks best on a box-spring base, as every pocket spring in the mattress has the ideal support to compress and rebound correctly.

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Why not a latex, cold foam, memory foam or polyester mattress?

Important advice: when choosing a new box spring you should NOT choose a combination with a:

First of all, the combination of the right mattress and base provides a more comfortable feeling. A foam mattress on a box-spring base will feel rather uncomfortable. In addition, the right combination of good-quality products also ensures better ventilation and therefore a longer lifespan of both the mattress and the base.

Feel free to try it out at our showroom or ask us your questions online. We will be happy to help you find your dream bed!