Pillow with custom neck roll

All about the Equilli customised pillows

Do you suffer from neck pain, shoulder pain or back pain? Then a custom ergonomic pillow is probably just what you need. In this article, we explain how an Equilli pillow is made and how to use it to combat neck and even back pain!

How is this ergonomic pillow made?

The Equilli pillows were created based on academic research at the Biomechanics Department of KU Leuven. In 2012, the brand’s co-founder, Dr Ir Vincent Verhaert, discovered the importance of a custom mattress and pillow. Equilli continues to invest in scientific research and maintains close contacts with sleep experts, engineers, doctors and physiotherapists. The Equilli custom pillows can of course also be used on a regular mattress.

These pillows are versatile and easily adaptable to your sleeping position or sleeping preferences. The picture below shows what the Equilli ergonomic latex pillow is made up of; you can see that it consists of various adaptable parts.

The image below shows that the pillow has a curved and a flat side; you should put the flat side on the mattress, while the curved side sits on top. The pillow is also wider on one side than on the other; the wide side is the side with the neck roll.

The pillows are delivered with two types of neck rolls by default: a firm one and a soft one. Whether you should opt for a soft or a firm neck roll depends on several factors. Find out more below. When putting together your pillow, you have three options: you can choose the firm neck roll or the soft neck roll, or you can simply leave out the neck roll.

All custom pillows by Equilli also include two booster plates. You can use these plates if you prefer your pillow to be a bit higher. Here, too, you have three options: you can use 1 booster plate, 2 plates or no plates at all. If you prefer a cosy pillow, you should go for the down model. The Equilli down pillow is also easily customisable.

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How do I use the ergonomic pillow?

This ergonomic pillow is wider on one side than on the other. The wider side contains the neck support and should therefore be placed at neck level; this neck roll takes the pressure off your shoulders. Choosing a soft or firm neck support is a very subjective decision. Do you usually sleep on your side? Then it is important that the hollow space between your pillow and neck is nicely filled and supported. That’s why, as a side sleeper, you should go for the firm neck support. If you experience too much pressure, you can exchange the firm neck support for the softer model. People with shorter necks generally prefer the soft neck roll, while people with longer necks often choose the firm version.

Whether or not to go for one or two booster plates, or none at all, depends mainly on the firmness of your mattress. We therefore always recommend that you adjust your pillow accordingly. If your shoulders sink deeply into your mattress, it’s best to go for one booster plate. Do you sleep on a firmer mattress? Then it is better to sleep with two booster plates in your pillow. As a general rule, you should make sure that your neck vertebrae are in line with your spine.

Do you like to take your pillow along when you travel? Then this pillow is perfect, as you can adjust it to the mattress you sleep on. Or maybe you already have a collection of pillows at home? A custom pillow by Equilli reduces the risk of making a bad purchase. Why, you ask? Well, you can experiment with this pillow and fully adapt it to your personal sleep preferences and mattress.

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