What are the advantages and disadvantages of a memory foam mattress?

Memory foam mattresses... Surely you’ve heard about them, but what are they exactly? And what are the advantages and disadvantages of a memory foam mattress? Keep reading to find out if a memory foam mattress could be suitable for you!

What is memory foam and what is a memory foam mattress?

Memory foam, also often called visco-elastic foam or NASA foam, was developed back in 1966 by the American space agency NASA. The foam served to protect and support astronauts during the launch. Ultimately, the material was never used in an outbound space rocket, but it became known mainly for its use in mattresses and pillows.

Tempur was the first to use this material. Throughout the years, the brand kept perfecting the composition, and to this day, Tempur continues to innovate and develop new technologies. The material Tempur uses in its mattresses and pillows is the only one certified by NASA and the Space Foundation.

Tempur is a prime example of a brand name that has become a product name. In fact, memory foam is automatically associated with Tempur. It is a brand that is often imitated, so pay close attention. A Tempur mattress will be a bit more expensive than a copy and you will always recognise it by the logo on the mattress. The brand also continuously invests in research and new development. Tempur mattresses have a higher density and therefore a longer lifespan. They also have better climatising and ergonomic properties than copies.  

What are the disadvantages of memory foam?

Is a memory foam mattress too hot to sleep on? 

Memory foam is a naturally dense foam, so it tends to be a little warmer to sleep on. If you buy a memory foam mattress that does not ventilate sufficiently, this can become very annoying, especially in the warmer summer months. Tempur responded to this with its latest developments: Tempur's memory foam has an open cell structure, which ensures that its mattresses drain moisture and ventilate better. As a result, they feel cooler than other memory foam mattresses.  However, a high-quality pocket spring mattress still ventilates a little better.

Tip: do you tend to get too hot at night? The mattress covers by SmartSleeve are a convenient solution to this problem.

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Is a memory foam mattress too hard in winter? 

Memory foam is sensitive to temperature. As a result, in winter or in a cold room, a memory foam mattress can initially feel a little harder and colder. It takes a few minutes for the mattress to react to your body heat and adapt nicely to your body. The opposite is also true: in a warm room, a memory foam mattress becomes a little softer. To avoid this, we always recommend that you do not place the mattress in a poorly insulated room.

Is it more difficult to turn around on a memory foam mattress? 

A memory foam mattress takes on the shape of the body, so it can sometimes be a little more difficult to get in and out of bed or to turn while sleeping. This may be a problem, specifically for older people. Tempur also responded to this disadvantage with a new development: the Sensation mattress. This mattress by Tempur was specially designed with ease of movement in mind.

What are the advantages of memory foam?

Pressure-reducing: improved blood circulation

The first to buy the Tempur memory foam mattresses were hospitals and nursing homes. Given its pressure-reducing properties, memory foam is often used in the care sector, since a memory foam mattress helps prevent bedsores and stimulates blood circulation.

A memory foam mattress adapts seamlessly to the shape of your body and therefore does not generate counter pressure. On the contrary, the pressure is redistributed over the whole body, resulting in good blood circulation. The better your circulation, the less you will suffer from ailments. Poor circulation causes, among other things, heavy legs, shortness of breath, concentration problems, joint issues and energy dips.

Less tossing and turning 

Do you have a partner who goes to sleep later or gets up earlier than you? Then you can just continue to enjoy a comfortable sleep because a memory foam mattress absorbs all movements that might disturb your sleep. Your shoulders and hips sink nicely into the mattress and all the pressure is taken away, so that you will twist and turn less at night. This is a good thing because then you will sleep deeper and wake up more well-rested in the morning!


Choosing a mattress is still very much a matter of personal preference. We are happy to help you in your search for the mattress that best suits your needs. Don’t hesitate to visit our showroom in Kortrijk or contact one of our experts!