A natural mattress: the power of wool

The unique properties of wool

Wool has been used in mattresses for many centuries. It all started a long time ago, when man decided to stop sleeping on the ground and started using animal skins instead. Wool was, of course, the softest of all and also had great insulating properties. To this day, wool remains a top product and it is used in the natural mattresses of brands such as Vispring and Hästens.

People often look at how many natural fibres a good mattress contains. Flax, cashmere, silk, mohair, horsetail hair... each of these fibres has properties that make it unique. The same goes for wool...

1. A wool (top) mattress is very cosy

The composition of wool fibres is unique and surpasses synthetic alternatives. Thanks to the great bending strength and natural elasticity of its fibres, wool wraps nicely around your body without you losing any support. So you actually create your own little cocoon, a unique place that is all yours to enjoy.

An extra advantage: if your partner moves or goes to sleep a little later than you, you will not wake up. After all, wool also helps to absorb movement. Feel free to try out our wool mattresses in the shop!

2. Wool boosts the resilience of the mattress

Wool is actually a spring in itself, because the fibre is naturally curled and therefore acts as a coil that resists pressure. It gives your mattress natural elasticity and durable comfort.

For example, the wool used in Vispring's mattresses protected sheep from the wind and the elements on the Shetland Islands. Great Britain's extreme climate makes the wool from these islands particularly soft, resilient, strong and renowned for its superior quality.

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3. A wool mattress feels dry

Wool not only absorbs movements but also your perspiration. It can absorb as much as 30% of its own weight in moisture without feeling damp. As a result, wool is more absorbent than synthetic materials and also combats mould in your mattress. The amount of moisture absorbed will slowly evaporate during the day.

Thanks to the moisture-regulating properties of wool, your bed doesn’t feel damp, so you're guaranteed to enjoy a comfortable and dry sleep on your natural mattress.

4. A wool mattress is temperature-regulating

Wool has optimal climatising properties and can even be compared to an air-conditioning system for your mattress. In winter, wool ensures that you feel nice and warm, while in summer it feels dry. So on your natural mattress you always sleep at exactly the right temperature. Pure bliss!

5. Wool is naturally fire-resistant

Another great advantage of wool is that it is naturally fire-resistant. In fact, it is one of the most fire-resistant fibres available. This gives a mattress with sheep's wool fire-retardant properties.

Finding that hard to believe? Take a look at this video by Hästens, which shows you a test on the Hästens mattresses!

6. Wool is 100% natural and sustainable

Just like horsetail hair, wool is also a natural and durable product. The 100% pure virgin wool used in the mattresses is also produced in a very animal-friendly way, according to centuries-old traditions that do not harm the sheep. Wool is a 100% natural product, which makes it completely biodegradable. The fibres in the wool will not break or lose their natural flexibility, which also makes it a very durable product.

Wool is cosy, resilient and all-natural, so it does wonders for a good night's sleep. 

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