SmartSleeve meets Seaqual!

The latest version of SmartSleeve? Trusted quality, better for the planet!

An improved and circular version!

The latest SmartSleeve development is one with real impact! The well-known 3D-structured cover is making big steps towards sustainability.

This is because the top layer of the SmartSleeve is now made from fabrics with the Seaqual label.

Seaqual what?!

As you can tell by its name, Seaqual has its origins in the Mediterranean Sea and specifically in the waste that unfortunately is circulating around. The growth of plastic waste both on land and in the water is a problem that harms humans, animals and our environment, so action on a large scale is essential.

It was from these thoughts that the Seaqual initiative was born, a global community of NGOs, fishermen, researchers, scientists, government agencies and private stakeholders. All these parties are collaborating with one goal in mind, to clean up the world' s oceans.

In practical terms, fishermen are collecting plastic waste from the ocean, these are turned through a recycling process into yarn. In the case of SmartSleeve, these yarns are converted into fabrics used to fabricate the top layer. These fabrics are labeled with Seaqual and are made of 100% recycled polyester!

Did you know that?

  • 1 kg of Seaqual yarn = 600 g to 1 kg less waste in the ocean
  • 32% less CO2 emissions during the production process