Auping nights better days... Auping lives up to its promise! Some 'disadvantages'? I end up falling asleep faster, I feel like a good lie-in and I snooze for longer...

The Original bed by Auping

A new house calls for new beds. During our search for new furniture, we ended up at Auping. We decided to go to the Auping Store Kortrijk - right next to De Nachtwacht - for expert advice. We were immediately convinced and our beds were delivered straight away! 

‘Auping nights better days’… Auping lives up to its promise: no more low back pain, a bed that ventilates, an uninterrupted night's sleep and less fatigue during the day.

Some disadvantages? You end up falling asleep faster, feel like a good lie-in and snooze for longer...

A tip? Add an Auping duvet and Mikmax duvet cover: your bed will be super cosy and you won’t need to iron!




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