Collaboration with ABC-Projects

Bed styling in various bedrooms and children's rooms.

The Magnitude bed in the first bedroom was given an elegant style with the velvet decorative cushions by Alexandre Turpault. A woollen plaid by Brun de Vian-Tiran lies at the foot end. 

The bed in the attic room of this private residence was completely made up in creations by Mirabel Slabbinck. The white duvet cover, finished with a band of 4 ribbons, is from the Corvus 1016 collection. The cherry on the cake? The personalised decorative cushions from the Fanna collection and bedspreads from the Gizli collection. 

The beds in the two colourful children's rooms were made up with playful yellow and pink chequered bedding by Verilin

The fifth bedroom features a custom duvet cover from the Triga collection by Mirabel Slabbinck. The Magnitude bed in the last bedroom features bedding from the Swedish brand Lexington.