Modular mattresses

Which mattress should you choose for back problems?

If you have severe back or neck problems, and you have found that the existing bed systems have not sufficiently helped you, De Nachtwacht offers Equilli, the mattress tailored to your back.

You could compare it to shoes: most people are fine with quality shoes, but some people benefit from orthotics.

Equilli: a tailor-made mattress

Equilli’s modular mattress was created at the Department of Biomechanics of KU Leuven based on years of scientific research. At Equilli, science takes precedence over sales. After all, depending on your build, sleep position and comfort preferences, a mattress can easily be too hard or too soft or... just perfect.

Discover the advantages of a made-to-measure mattress here, stop by for your Personal Sleep Scan or contact us for more info. 

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The advantages of a modular mattress

  • Developed based on scientific research
  • Soothes or prevents neck and/or back problems
  • The pillow is also included in the measurement
  • Can be combined with all types of bases
  • Satisfaction guarantee

Tailored advice

Buying a mattress, bed, pillow or bedlinen is more than just a decision, it is an experience. And we can help you every step of the way. After all, we know better than anyone what you need for an optimal night's sleep. We are happy to advise you! Visit our store in Kortrijk where our Nachtwacht team is ready to answer all your questions!

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Personal Sleep Scan

First things first! No tailor-made mattress without a Personal Sleep Scan. This is a scientifically based measurement of your back and sleep position, which tells you which support you need at shoulder, waist and hip level.

A modular mattress consists of separate modules. Every module is available in 12 different hardness levels, so the mattress can be completely customised to your body, and it can be perfectly adjusted afterwards. 

The measurements are taken in our shop in just a few seconds. Our sleep expert then prepares your configuration so that you can lie down for extensive testing.

Satisfaction guaranteed with the Equilli Sleep Contract

Thanks to the Equilli Sleep contract you won’t lose any sleep over your mattress. If you feel that your chosen modules are not quite what you need, you can make changes to the mattress. This way, you can be sure of your purchase. In fact, this service is completely free of charge for the first year after purchase.

Would you like to have a Sleep Scan? Contact us or visit our sleep shop in Kortrijk and get advice from one of our sleep experts.

Avoiding "waitmares"?

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