Slatted base

Slatted bases by Swissflex

Not sure whether to get a box spring or a slatted base? In our large showroom we provide an objective comparison between high-quality box springs and slatted bases by Swissflex.

Drop by, phone us or contact us via the contact form. In principle, slatted beds are available in all conceivable sizes, including the most common ones.

Slatted base sizes

In principle, slatted beds are available in all conceivable sizes, including the most common ones.

A double slatted base always consists of two single slatted bases. This makes it easier to deliver them and the slatted bases adapt to the individual sleeper.

At De Nachtwacht we offer slatted beds in all sizes - from single to double and even queen. We work with the Swiss top brand for slatted bases, Swissflex

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The advantages of a Swissflex slatted base

  • No annoying hard central strip
  • Adapts optimally to the shape of the body thanks to its bridge technology
  • Available in all conceivable sizes
  • Swiss quality and high finishing
  • Recognised worldwide as a top-quality product

Tailored advice

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Slatted base and matching mattress

When you buy a slatted base, you need to combine it with the right mattress.

Combination with a pocket spring mattress

A classic pocket spring mattress that can be turned upside down should not be placed on a slatted base, as the individually packaged springs are not sufficiently supported due to the space between the slats.

We offer customised pocket spring mattresses that are suitable for slatted bases. These mattresses cannot be used on both sides. The pocket springs rest on a pressure divider, ensuring that all of them are supported.

Combination with a memory foam mattress

The combination with memory foamGeltex or latex works well. The slatted base is slightly more expensive in this case, because a good base is more adaptable, allowing you to also choose a different type of mattress.

Adjustable slatted bases

We offer the different types of slatted bases, both non-adjustable and adjustable - either manually or electrically.

Made-to-measure slatted bases

You can also have your slatted base made to measure. We offer this option for single and double slatted bases.

We constantly compare suppliers of good slatted bases, but we have yet to find a more qualitative and reliable brand than the Swiss Swissflex, which has been the reference in terms of ergonomics, quality and development for decades. In fact, they have won all the major awards with their latest generation of slatted bases.