Lexington Spring collection 2023

Stoom je slaapkamer klaar voor de lente met de nieuwste Lexington collectie!

Bye bye winterblues...

Waking up with the first spring sun peeking through the curtains, the smell of freshly cut grass, breakfasts in the garden...these are just some of the thoughts that come to mind when seeing this freshLexington collection.

They are like those moments with "golden lining" that we so desperately long for after the dark, chilly months.

The new Lexington collection puts an end to our winter blues and lets spring begin! Still too chilly to spend all day outside? Just bring that blissful spring feeling from outside...inside!


Urban garden with a hint of Breton romance!

Lexington's "urban garden" spring collection brings nature into our homes.

What to expect? Light fabrics that reflect the softness of this season and elegant patterns that carry a touch of Breton romance.

Lexington once again created a balanced collection of bed linens, plaids and decorative pillows that can be combined as desired.

Discover the new collection in our Boutique! Questions about this Lexington collection? Get in touch!