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We were eager to test the mattress before making a final purchase. That was no problem at all, thanks to Het Testnest at De Nachtwacht, where you can try out your preferred bed or mattress for a night.

Back problems due to an excessively hard mattress

After several visits to a chiropractor and a back specialist, we got the verdict: perhaps our excessively hard mattress was to blame. We needed a new mattress, so we headed to De Nachtwacht for help.

At the shop, we were advised by Mathilde, who took plenty of time to go through the options with us. Based on our personal profile, the mattresses that might meet our needs were selected. By means of a Sleep Scan, De Nachtwacht also offered the possibility of putting together a fully customised mattress by Equilli.

After extensively testing the different mattresses, we finally chose the Chambord mattress by Magnitude. As our current bed frame also needed to be replaced, we immediately opted for a Magnitude box spring frame (Box Elegance). The box spring has a modern look and there was also the possibility to personalise the box spring completely, as every box spring by Magnitude is hand-crafted.

Testing a mattress at 'Het Testnest'

We wanted to test the mattress overnight before making a final purchase. That was no problem either, because De Nachtwacht has its very own sleep studio, Het Testnest. We slept on the mattress for one night, enjoyed a hearty breakfast, and made our final decision.

unique experience, which convinced us even more.


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