Thanks to my custom mattress I feel that my entire body benefits from just the support I need. I now sleep 5 to 6 hours a night and I don't have to get up that often, which is quite an improvement for me.

A custom Equilli

I used to own a construction company, so I had a physically demanding job. I had a lot of back problems and only slept a few hours a night. I would even get up 20 times. Something had to change. One day, I typed 'mattresses Kortrijk' into the Google search engine. That's how I ended up on the website of De Nachtwacht. It wasn't the first website I looked at, but what immediately struck me at De Nachtwacht was the brand Equilli. I immediately started reading more about Equilli and what it stands for. When I read that it is a Belgian company set up by two PhD students, I was very intrigued.

When I visited the shop, Kim helped me. He did the Equilli sleep scan. In just a few minutes my body was measured and I was told where I needed support. I chose the Support Flex mattress, which allowed me to make adjustments afterwards if necessary. My custom mattress makes me feel like my entire body is correctly supported. Now I am already sleeping 5 to 6 hours a night, and I don't get up that often, which is quite an improvement for me!

De Nachtwacht - experts in slaapadvies

We continue to strive for the best night's sleep...

I still have back problems and sleeping limbs, I'm afraid I'll never completely get rid of them. I still go to the osteopath every three weeks. I also took home Equilli's ergonomic pillow with a neck roll, but I am not using it at the moment. For the time being I can hardly tolerate a pillow, even though I sleep on my side, so I need support under my head. We’re still searching for the perfect pillow for me. I also suffer from restless legs, and I often feel too hot at night. The only down I can tolerate is Chalet Light by Brinkhaus, which Marijke recommended to me.

I stopped by De Nachtwacht because I wanted to get some more sleep, but I never expected to be able to sleep up to 6 hours a night! So I am very happy with my Equilli mattress and in the meantime I have also become a fan of the bedding by Slabbinck and Lexington.


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