How can I increase the lifespan of my mattress?

The lifespan of your mattress depends on various factors such as its quality and your build, but the maintenance of your mattress also plays an important role. Discover 4 tips that will help you properly maintain your mattress and boost its lifespan!

1. Ventilate your mattress

While you sleep, you give off warmth and moisture. Once you get up, do not make your bed immediately, but leave the duvet at the foot end of the bed so that the moisture from the night can evaporate. Do not make your bed until later in the day, or even better, wait until you go back to sleep.  

We also recommend that you ventilate your bedroom regularly. For example, you can leave your window open in the morning for fifteen minutes. Then close it again to avoid humidity. If the weather is nice and dry, you can leave the window open the whole day. This will help keep your duvet and mattress dry and thus prevent mould and house dust mite.
In good weather (not humid or foggy) you can even put your mattress outside.

However, be careful not to place your mattress in direct sunlight as this can damage it.

2. Use a mattress topper

mattress topper is a thin mattress that you put on top of your regular mattress. The main reason why we recommend a mattress topper is first and foremost comfort. An additional advantage is that your mattress will wear less quickly. In addition, thanks to a mattress topper, you do not perspire directly on the mattress.

Discover the other advantages of using a mattress topper here!

3. Rotate your mattress and turn it upside down

Good maintenance also includes regularly rotating your mattress and turning it upside down.

Important note: this varies a lot depending on the brand and type of mattress. Many mattresses cannot be used on both sides. So always ask for our advice before turning or your mattress around and upside down!

To avoid sagging, you can turn your mattress lengthwise so that the foot of the mattress lies at the head of the bed. Don't worry, mattresses that can’t be flipped have a different structure which prevents sagging. We recommend that you flip your mattress every season, i.e. four times a year. If you sleep on a double-sided mattress, you can flip it. The bottom of your mattress will become the top and vice versa. This ensures that your mattress retains its resilience and it is also a good way to ventilate your mattress.

4. Use a mattress protector

We lose an average of 1 glass of moisture per night. Much of this moisture penetrates into your mattress. A mattress protector stops this and gives bacteria, mould and house dust mite no chance. It helps prevent unpleasant odours in your mattress and it reduces stains on your mattress.

The SmartSleeve mattress protectors provide extra ventilation, moisture regulation, resilience and comfort.

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What about your old mattress?

Of course, your mattress will not last forever. The average lifespan of a mattress is 10 years, depending on its quality and maintenance, and on your build. But what do you do with your old mattress?

We try to actively contribute to reducing waste. Your old mattress contains materials that can still be perfectly reused. Auping turns old mattresses into judo mats, for example. When we deliver your new mattress, we take your old mattress back at no extra cost.

Do you have any further questions? Contact us or drop by the showroom, where one of our experts will be happy to guide you.