Geltex mattresses

Geltex mattresses by Swissflex

On a slatted base, you can also opt for Geltex, the latest generation of mattress cores. Geltex consists of a combination of breathable foam and an elastic gel.

Thanks to its sophisticated composition and strategically placed cut-outs, the mattress provides optimum support where necessary. The antibacterial treatment also ensures a healthy bed climate. But there’s more! A Geltex mattress by Swissflex comes with a 10-year guarantee.

A Geltex mattress should be combined with a good slatted base, not a box spring or a mesh base.

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The advantages of a good Geltex mattress

  • Ventilation
  • Pressure reduction
  • Antibacterial treatment ensuring an optimal bed climate
  • Optimal support where needed

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The Geltex-inside mattress by Swissflex

The revolutionary Geltex material combines highly elastic gel with highly breathable foam. It offers unparalleled comfort while sleeping and is ideal for people keen on a healthier sleep.

Due to their properties, Geltex mattresses are considered an ideal alternative to latex mattresses, but most people also prefer Geltex mattresses after a comparative test. 

Thanks to the patented Geltex-inside technology, the mattress adapts to every movement of the body, supporting and relieving it at the same time. In addition, Geltex ventilates better than latex or cold foam. It therefore comes as no surprise that Geltex mattresses are increasingly replacing latex mattresses.

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