Duvet covers

Duvet covers for the perfect bedroom

A duvet cover is wrapped around your duvet primarily to keep it clean, but of course it also has a great impact on the overall look of your bedroom: luxurious, cosy, sleek or colourful - what’s your favourite?

Your bedding is in contact with your skin for hours. Treat your skin to a pleasant sensation thanks to natural and soft materials. Good-quality bedding feels lovely on the skin and is free of harmful substances. 

At our shop you can find duvet covers by top brands including SlabbinckVerilinLexingtonAuping and Mikmax.

Duvet cover sets in different materials

Of course, you choose your duvet cover based on what you like. When making your choice, you therefore need to think of the materials you prefer. Our materials are easy to maintain. Usually, quality duvet covers are made of cotton sateen, jersey cotton, linen, silk, flannel or cotton percale. Click here to discover the advantages of sleeping on silk or linen

Drop by so we can explain the differences to you and make you feel the different materials.

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Duvet covers at De Nachtwacht

  • Choice of low-maintenance materials
  • Huge selection of colours, price ranges and styles
  • Professional advice
  • Customised bedding at no extra cost
  • Bed styling at home
  • A selection of top brands
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Cotton duvet covers

Most duvet covers are made of cotton. The quality of your cotton duvet cover depends on how fine the yarns are and how dense the fabric is. High-quality yarns result in finer fabric of higher quality. Examples include satin and percale. Satin feels smooth and soft, while percale is often used in hotels, because the fabric also has a very long lifespan.

Duvet range at De Nachtwacht

At De Nachtwacht you can choose from a wide variety of styles, colours and price ranges. We offer all finishes and all duvet cover sizes, so you are guaranteed to find a duvet cover that suits​​ your needs​.

We have a wide choice of standard single duvet covers (140x220 cm) or double duvet covers (240x220 cm and 260x220 cm), but you can also count on us for a duvet cover of 160x200 cm, 200x220 cm, 260x240 cm or special sizes.

Buy a duvet cover at De Nachtwacht

Your bed takes centre stage in your bedroom, so to a large extent, a duvet cover ensures that the overall look is picture-perfect.

At De Nachtwacht you can either order your duvet covers or, together with our enthusiastic staff, choose from our large stock. You can even customise your duvet cover with us at no extra cost.

We also offer a Bed styling service. One of our stylists will be happy to assist you and, if you wish, also come to your home.

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